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Hi, what’s up everybody! We are write for us and we exist here to appoint some guest contributor as a content writer for write for us that can write the articles on the topics of health, wellness, nutrition, holistic health, fitness, alternative medicine, medical blog and some else kind off. If anyone wants to upgrade their writing skills along with the future good times then they can connect with write for us.

What we want from our guest contributor?

Actually, write for us is a one of the best sites that works to make popular to the other websites by adding some unique and informative articles. Therefore, we want get some best written articles from our guest contributors. But you have to keeps this line highlighted that every article must be unique and well prepared.

What kind of guest contributor we actually want?

We want only those guest contributors that have the best writing skills. We usually want that person who can write the any kinds of articles. Write for us humbly welcome journalist, students, writers and some else. The main priority of our work is good writing skills. So, those people who can write the every article in an impressive way. That should make contact with us.

Guidelines for our guest contributor

We are listing some guidelines for article, so whenever you write any article for write for us then you have to maintain these steps.

Limit of words in article: – Every article should be written in the 1000+ words. You are not allowed to reduce down this limit.

Theme: – You have to write every article in a positive and realistic format.

Content must be original: – Write for us, only consider only those articles which was not published anywhere. It means that every article must be free from the plagiarism content. It should be unique and attractive. Check uniqueness copyscape tool.

Author bio: – You can give a small but attractive kind of author bio in the article. This step will help you to grow the chances to be popular in across the world.

Health Claims: – Whenever you write any article on the topic of health and you give the health claims in any factor then you have to add a link for the authentication of your claim.

Some Photos: – You have to insert some photos in every article; you can add 4-5 photos in the article because this step will work to make your article exclusive and detailed.

Videos: – For making your article so attractive then you can add a video which is relevant to the topic and this step will become really appreciable.

Use Copyscape tool: – Whenever you will prepare the article then you must check the uniqueness of article by using of the copyscape tool. This tool will work to find the plagiarism error from the article, if any error is available. Be sure that every article must be 100% unique.

All these steps are quite necessary while you making any article for write for us. Kindly follow these steps and try to give some attractive looks by your own techniques. Make the article beautiful as more you can.

Last points

Write for us really love their audient, visitors and readers and for them we always dedicated. We assure for better services every time. So, after you will become a guest contributor for write for us, you also have to respect our readers by giving the best quality of article. Use your entire best writing abilities and give best format to the article and don’t add any spam of robotic content in the article.

You are also not allowed to add any kind of adult or obscene content in anywhere of the article. Give your maximum effort in this work and we assure you that this step will boost your carrier and you will upgrade your whole writing abilities. Don’t wait so long, just contact us and be famous in worldwide.

If you are ready to work with us, then contact us to [email protected] further actions.