How to Increase Fertility in Your Thirties

How to Increase Fertility in Your Thirties- Improved Methods to an Improved Life!

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The human body is composed of so many organ systems that it is mind boggling sometimes. The coexistence and perfect harmony of all these organ systems is bewildering to the common person’s mind. However, the efficacy of some systems is time bound. The first such organ system is the reproductive system of humans. This system is responsible for the human ability to procreate and sustain. The reproductive system depends heavily on the fertility levels, which drop from a certain age onwards. The fertility levels completely dissipate to an end towards the age of 50 years in most people. The decline in fertility levels starts in the thirties. This is not to say that people in their thirties cannot procreate, this is not always true. But, the lowered fertility does make it hard for couples to get pregnant. Here is how to increase fertility in your thirties.

Let’s Know How to Increase Fertility in Your Thirties.

Your Weight:

As in any other health boosting activity, keeping your weight in a healthy range is the first and the foremost step for good fertility levels. Increasing consumption of unhealthy foods rich in trans fats, cholesterols and carbohydrates will only further decrease your fertility levels. Try exercising to burn off those excess pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight will boost your metabolic and reproductive functions as well, as it keeps all the hormones in check. With the influx of unhealthy ingredients and minimal nutrition in processed foods, it is not hard to see that they create hormonal imbalances.

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Observing Your Health:

If you are wondering how to increase fertility in your thirties, you should start with a medical checkup .Neither a man nor should a woman take the chance with their health in their thirties and onwards. The thirties are a new threshold for the body and mark the slowing down of formerly fast swift bodily functions. Getting a health checkup can help you determine what deficiencies your body is facing and help you in deciding a suitable course of action, such as taking the right kind of supplements.

Give Yourself a Break from Stress:

Stress can lead to a significant augmentation of fertility problems, believe it or not! In order to increases your chances at fertility, stress reduction can be of great help. Try meditating, walks, various forms of yoga or even jogs to determine what activity best brings your stress levels down.       

Quit Bad Habits:

Smoking has been directly associated with fertility issues in both men and women. Quitting smoking has a fertility boosting effect on the body as the body is prevented against reduction of sperm count and follicles.


How to increase your fertility in your thirties, is a very attainable goal . For people looking yearning parenthood, their desperation for a child can take them to various expensive and unnecessary measures . But fertility can be easily boosted through weight loss, quitting smoking, staying up to date on your health conditions and staying active.

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